How Businesses Can Benefit From Torrenting

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A torrenting site is a data hosting site where a user can download large files for free. It’s one of the most efficient ways to distribute files across the internet, where they are shared directly from seeders to other peers.

Typically, people use torrent sites for downloading unauthorized content. Now, we want to make it clear that we are not advocating torrenting any pirated material in any way. But there are some ways that businesses can put the technology behind torrenting to good use.

Distribute Heavy Files and Large Amounts of Data

Easily distributing large files is the basic purpose of torrenting, and it can be pretty useful. It’s a smart method to quickly distribute a large chunk of data, and simultaneously save money on bandwidth. Even when you struggle with slow internet speed, torrents help you download large files faster in comparison to the traditional downloading process.

You can send files as large as 100 GB thanks to torrenting. What’s more, because of the technology involved, you won’t lose any data either. Sharing and distributing files with torrents is so efficient that even social media giants like Facebook and Twitter use it internally to update their servers.

A Better Alternative for Downloading and Updating Files

Many businesses don’t have the facility to enjoy good bandwidth, so they face difficulties while downloading larger file sizes. Torrenting is a good alternative to a direct download for large files.

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With torrents, files you download aren’t hosted on a central server, rather they are shared by various users–called seeders. So, when one download source is inactive, you’ll still be able to finish downloading files, as other sources are still active. With hosted files, if the main server is down, it takes a long time to complete the file download process.

Moreover, if your connection gets interrupted while a file is being downloaded, you won’t need to start from scratch when you’re using a torrent. Once the connection is restored, the process will start right from where it was paused, thus saving you time.

Businesses use torrents to analyze the current trends of the market. They can study people’s interests by closely watching what they download. Businesses can then adapt their content according to what’s shared often and is more popular in different countries.

This is a great option for media and entertainment companies, as they make money by advertising. Knowing the trends can help these businesses to deliver better and more accurate content to internet users.

Get Better Exposure

Creative content such as music, films, and literature can easily be shared with the masses thanks to torrent sites. Sharing your work on torrenting sites is a sure way to get noticed, as millions of people are active there.

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If you’re a new artist, you can get good exposure and even can make profits by using torrenting services. Although there are many social media platforms, such as YouTube and Pinterest, for showcasing talent, the torrent community offers a more diversified audience. This can help you make your work popular in a smaller frame of time.

How to Derive the Maximum Benefit From Torrents?

When smaller files need to be downloaded or uploaded, then a computer with a stable internet connection works fine. But if you want to send large files to various points, then a cloud-based VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a smarter choice.

A business may suffer when it needs to continuously seed or download large files. Torrenting uses a major part of the bandwidth, and many other resources. Cloud-based VPS servers are designed specifically for torrents, and provide you with the best support and ready-made apps for all your torrenting needs.

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Download and Upload Large Files With Ease With Torrents

It’s crucial to understand that downloading files from other users has its own potential risks. You can be attacked by malware inserted into the document by hackers. Moreover, people can see your public IP address, while you’re downloading a file.

Both of the above threats can be avoided by using safe torrent sites for torrenting. A good VPS reroutes traffic via a secure private network and hides the real IP address, with all your data encrypted. You can also use a VPN while torrenting to protect your privacy.

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