Jabra’s New Wireless Earbuds Are Designed to Help With Hearing Loss

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Jabra's new earbuds will become the company's first to provide "hearing enhancement" technology, designed to replace hearing aids and other similar tech for people with low-level hearing loss.

Jabra, better known for its outstanding wireless earbud ranges such as the Elite and Active, sees the Enhance Plus earbuds as " a unique solution to a specific problem," acting as a stepping stone before someone requires a traditional hearing aid.

Jabra Enhance Plus Wireless Earbuds Target Hearing Loss

One of the first things you note about the Jabra Enhance Plus wireless earbuds is size. They're absolutely tiny in comparison to regular wireless earbuds, essential to remain discreet. The "miniaturized true wireless form factor" is around 50 percent smaller than the Jabra Elite 75t, which themselves are already on the small side of things.

But despite the miniature size, the Enhance Plus earbuds deliver up to 10 hours of battery life, along with another 20 hours of playback available with the charging carry case.

In terms of sound, the Enhance Plus earbuds implement multiple sound processing tools to analyze, filter, and enhance audio for the user. The earbuds come with a companion app, allowing users to switch between different audio processing modes depending on their surroundings.

Furthermore, the Enhance Plus has all the regular features you'd expect from earbuds, such as multiple ear tips, ear tip fit tool, touch controls, and a water and dust resistance of IP52.

Although there isn't a specific release date for the Jabra Enhance Plus hearing enhancement wireless earbuds, they're expected to hit the shelves by the end of 2021, first appearing in the US.

Earbud Manufacturers Target Hearing Issues

The Enhance Plus isn't the only hearing aid earbud Jabra has been working on. If your hearing requirements demand something that more closely resembles a traditional hearing aid, Jabra is also launching the Enhance Pro, an $ 1,800 medical-grade Receiver-in-Ear aid.

It isn't just Jabra using its extensive audio hardware knowledge to manufacture hearing enhancement technology.

Bose launched its SoundControl hearing aids earlier in 2021, making them the first hearing aids cleared by the FDA for direct-to-consumer sales. In May 2021, Sennheiser sold its headphone and earbud division to Sonova, a Swiss medical audio hardware company.

Furthermore, Apple announced that the AirPods Pro will feature Conversation Boost, a new audio processing tool that can help to amplify the sound of people talking, specifically targetting and amplifying conversations over other audio forms.

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