Microsoft’s First Windows 11 Insider Preview Update Brings Features & Fixes

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With the official launch of Windows 11 Insider Preview builds, Microsoft is rolling out updates and upgrading the new operating system periodically. The first update to the Windows 11 Insider Preview build brings a few new features and improvements to Windows 11 and fixes a whole bunch of other stuff.

Windows 11 New Build Brings Feature Improvements

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.65 is the first new Windows 11 version released since Windows users first got their hands on the new operating system.

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The Start menu now has a search box you can use to find files, apps, and more. You could already use the Windows 11 Start menu search bar to search for files by typing with the Start menu open. Now, you can use the search box at the top of the Start menu to search for files direct.

Another handy and well-requested feature comes to the Windows 11 taskbar. The taskbar now shows across multiple monitors following the update, rather than being stuck on one monitor. For those with multi-monitor setups, it’s a welcome update. You can enable taskbar multi-monitor support by heading to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar.

Other Windows 11 updates include:

  • Windows Power Mode settings are now available and accessible from the Power & battery Settings page.
  • Updates for snap layout options for “smaller PCs in portrait orientation,” allowing users now to snap three apps instead of just four quadrants.
  • Additional settings in the right-click context menu.

The official Microsoft Insider Preview blog details the full list of updated features. You can also use the same link to see the full list of fixes rolled out to Windows 11.

The most notable fix arriving on Windows 11 fixes the PrintNightmare zero-day exploit, which is being actively exploited to attack businesses and other organizations. Microsoft released its official PrintNightmare patch recently.

Microsoft has also delivered fixes to the taskbar, Settings app, File Explorer, Windows Search, and Widgets, along with numerous other fixes throughout Windows 11.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Builds Will Reveal Issues

Eager Windows 11 users are already using the new operating system as a daily driver, upgrading from Windows 10. However, Microsoft is keen to point out that Windows 11 is currently in its testing phase and that as the operating system is currently only available to its early-release Dev Channel, users should be wary about making the switch.

For many, the allure of a new Microsoft operating system is too much. But for many users considering signing up to the Insider Preview Dev Channel to grab a glimpse and insight into Windows 11, it may just be too soon.

The Dev Channel issues frequent updates to the operating system but can also come with dangerous bugs and other issues that could put your data at risk.

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