New WhatsApp Feature Lets You Join WhatsApp Group Calls After They Begin

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Currently, most video chat platforms allow users to join calls after they’ve begun, by clicking through to the call. Now, WhatsApp is introducing a new feature to let users do exactly the same with WhatsApp calls.

WhatsApp Lets Users Join Group Calls After They’ve Begun

WhatsApp is introducing a new call feature which lets users join group calls after they’ve already started. WhatsApp announced the new feature in an official blog post, and explained in would begin rolling out globally.

With the new feature, if a group member misses the beginning of a group call, they’ll still see an option to join the call. This works just like Zoom or Google Meet, where users can see a list of their calls and join them midway through.

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Previously users were only able to join a group WhatsApp call when the call began and the phone first rang. This meant that group members who couldn’t get to the phone on time were unable to join the call. If the call participants wanted to let this person in, they’d have to end the call and start again.

In the blog post, WhatsApp explained that the new feature will “reduce the burden of answering a group call as it starts”, and “brings the ease of in-person conversations to WhatsApp”. While the probably doesn’t quite match in-person conversations, it can be very useful to anyone using WhatsApp for work-at-home calls.

How to Join WhatsApp Group Calls After They’ve Begun

If you’ve missed the phone ringing and need to join a group WhatsApp call after it’s already begun, head into the Calls tab. Then, tap the call you need to join.

The call menu will display the group chat name, and the current participants of the call on the new info screen. This lets you make sure you’re joining the right call, and potentially avoid someone you want to avoid speaking to. When you’re ready to join the call, tap the Join button.

WhatsApp’s latest call feature also gives users the option to leave calls and then rejoin them later. Rather than leaving your phone on mute while you go answer the door, you can leave the call and jump back into it when you can.

WhatsApp Makes Group Calls More Convenient

Since video calls are being relied upon more often, any extra features that make calls more convenient for users are very welcome.

Giving group callers extra flexibility around joining calls not only improves’ the user experience, but also puts WhatsApp on par with other video chat platforms.

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