The 6 Best Workspaces That Are Not From Google or Microsoft

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With the spread of corporate culture, the popularity of workspace suites is on the rise. Regardless of your company size, investing in a productivity suite is a great way to streamline workflows.

However, you may only have heard of the workspaces provided by big enterprises like Microsoft or Google. If that’s the case, check out this list of efficient workspaces that are not from Google or Microsoft.

1. Spike

Spike is a workspace suite that simplifies project management and collaboration with its multifaceted features. It allows you to create Groups for your team, project, or clients for simple yet fruitful collaboration. Also, sync multiple calendars into its calendar feature to access all your meetings and conferences from one place.

For quick communication, you can record a voice message and share it with the team. It lets you create a task for yourself or others and offers you instant notifications during progress or task completion. From its Inbox, you can build personal or collaborative online Notes.

Making to-do lists in this suite is also easy. Other notable features of Spike are:

  • Add a reminder for snoozed tasks.
  • Send collaboration invite to those who don’t use Spike.
  • Priority Inbox for clutter-free email management.
  • A conversational email with the look and feel of messaging apps.
  • Search for anything without even opening a single email.

2. Samepage

Just like its name, Samepage lets you organize, work, track, and chat—all from the same platform. This workspace suite offers tools for task management, file sharing, and document collaboration. You can communicate and collaborate with your team effortlessly using its features like instant messaging, audio and video calls, group, team chat, etc.

This suite lets you work with any number of teams, colleagues, and guests. You can use shared calendars to avoid schedule mismatch. It also offers features for content and file management.

You can engage in a productive meeting using this suite that lets you schedule meetings, create agendas, take notes, and assign action points from a single collaborative document. Some top features of Samepage are:

  • Real-time chat faculty with co-workers while working on a document.
  • Built-in communication tools integrated with collaborative canvas.
  • Invite customers & contractors to create, share, and comment for better collaboration.
  • Perfectly suitable for remote and hybrid teams.
  • Facility to link files shared through Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox.

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3. ShareFile

Citrix ShareFile is a collaboration suite that can bring efficiency to your workplace. You can use this team workspace for file storage, file sync, cloud storage facility, content management, document management and sharing, content collaboration, and email security. You can also integrate Google Workspace to access Google Drive, Google Docs, and other apps.

This suite will let you skip the inconvenience of sending large-size files as email attachments and allows you to share them securely in a few clicks. It also offers legacy data systems where you can store files and then access them from anywhere. Some other highlighted features of ShareFile are:

  • Encrypt Microsoft Outlook emails and convert attachments into secured links.
  • Create dedicated portals for clients to upload and download files.
  • Save time by getting your documents signed in minutes using E-Signatures.
  • ShareFile Sync folder for instant update sync across all devices.
  • Office 365 integration for smooth co-editing and co-authoring.

4. Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business lets you excel in content and document collaboration by keeping your files organized and secured in the cloud. Despite being known as a cloud storage service, it also has features to become an efficient workspace suite for file management and collaboration.

This app keeps all your files and documents in a secured and centralized repository, so sharing the files with team members is easy. Your team can also offer feedback and edit the documents in real-time. Also, get page-by-page performance insights of the most critical documents. Find other noteworthy features below:

  • Share files of any size with anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.
  • Multiple layers of protection to keep your files and documents protected.
  • Dropbox Passwords to sign in to apps and websites from any device.
  • Ensure compliance by managing permissions, activity, and content of your team.
  • Version history and file recovery for accidentally edited, deleted, and lost documents.

5. HyperOffice

Atlas Intranet Collaboration Suite from HyperOffice offers collaborative and productive tools for your team. Its easy-to-use features include project management apps, web email, online calendar, contact management, file storage, and document management. This cloud-based suite lets you escape from IT overload, as you don't have to download or maintain any app.

Enjoy its one-click audio and video meetings that do not need any additional downloads, along with screen sharing and recording features. Also, manage contacts by importing info, organizing lists, and sync with Outlook. This suite lets you assign, manage and track tasks through a centralized portal for seamless task management.

You can also create separate portals for your clients, partners, and remote teams. Setting up customized extranets is also possible. Below are the highlighted features of Hyperoffice Suite:

  • Mobile app for staying connected on the go.
  • Company-wide communication and collaboration facility.
  • State-of-the-art data security and data backup program.
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility for authorized access.
  • Offers interactive tutorials and self-paced virtual training.

6. ONLYOFFICE Workspace

ONLYOFFICE is an open-source office suite that you can use in the cloud or host on your own server. This enterprise-ready workspace can manage all the processes you need for business, including documents, emails, projects, calendars, and CRM. The suite is highly scalable and lets you create a separate virtual workspace for a team or department, regardless of their size.

You can use it for project management using its features like adding projects, tasks, and subtasks, task assignments, workflow visualization, time tracking, and reporting. With its third-party integration service, you can do more with your workspace by adding your favorite tools like WordPress, DocuSign, Amazon S3, Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, etc.

Highlighted features of ONLYOFFICE Workspace:

  • Private Rooms for encrypting real-time document collaboration.
  • Corporate email service with customized domain name.
  • Intuitive control panel for personalizing workspace.
  • Data security through encryption while at rest and in transit.
  • View Edit, comment, and filter files with document editors.

Workspace Suites for Robust Team Productivity

Workspaces facilitate collaboration and communication while increasing productivity for reaching goals in time. If you’re looking for a workspace that doesn’t belong to tech giants like Microsoft or Google, the above list will be helpful for you.

Furthermore, you can explore AI productivity apps that can boost productivity while working in your preferred workspace suit.

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