3 Ways Reedsy Can Help Your Freelance Editing and Proofreading Career

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Editing and proofreading are creative but challenging paths, especially as a freelancer. Reedsy, the leading publishing marketplace, offers many opportunities for freelance work, but also insights into different aspects of the industry.

Here are three key areas Reedsy can help with, from starting out to building a client base. Make the most of its resources and you’ll be a successful freelancer in no time.

1. Starting Out In Freelance Editing and Proofreading

Before you do anything, make sure you understand the difference between proofreading, copy editing, and developmental editing. You can start with the first two and build up to developmental editing when you’re more experienced.

Reedsy’s guide for starting a freelance editing business clarifies these terms before listing steps you should take to launch your new career in the best possible way.

First, determine your niche—a corner of the literary space where you know almost everything there is to know. Then, manage your business with smart techniques like time tracking.

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2. Setting Your Editing and Proofreading Rates

Your experience will determine your going rates, as will the niche in which you work, and also your confidence. Once again, the more you know about the publishing industry, the easier it is to find your place in it.

According to Reedsy’s guide on freelance editing rates, for example, copy editing business and self-help books can cost $ 0.022 per word on average, as opposed to $ 0.015 for romance novels. Proofreading rates tend to be lower—reflecting the relative time commitment required for a proofread.

Whatever your direction, coming up with the right rates takes research, careful planning, and support from resources like Reedsy’s pricing tips for proofreaders.

3. Finding Editing and Proofreading Work

Landing good jobs is an important milestone in your freelance career. At first, you’ll need to show some flexibility in terms of what gigs you accept, so you can gather experience and reviews, but stay on the lookout for exciting opportunities to take your brand to the next level.

To help, Reedsy lists sites for editing jobs. While its marketplace is worthwhile, you can join several platforms for a range of opportunities.

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Fortunately, there are plenty of options for all editing tastes, if the 26 places offering proofreading jobs that Reedsy suggests are any indication. Think about what kind of work you’re looking for and zone in on the best options.

Do you want quick, low-effort gigs or high-end jobs? Do you want a platform with lots of user-friendly tools or just a profile to promote and work from? These are all important factors you can sort through with patience and Reedsy’s resources.

Explore Resources for Writers Too

As a freelance editor or proofreader, authors are your target audience, so learning more about what it takes to write well can be helpful to both of you. You can help with manuscripts, while also offering career advice.

Showing that you care is a great way to boost your reputation and nurture wonderful relationships with clients. A friendly and professional public image is a powerful one.

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