The 8 Best Apps for Learning Psychology on Your iPhone

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Psychology is a popular and interesting subject that can be applied to real-world situations in almost every aspect of your life. Learning psychology is no easy feat, though. It requires all the help you can get.

Luckily, there are plenty of iPhone apps out there that offer help with learning psychology, and here are the best of the lot.

1. Intro to Psychology Mastery

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Intro to Psychology Mastery offers exactly what you're looking for: an introduction to the subject of psychology that will help you learn in no time.

On the Questions tab, you'll be given questions on various aspects of psychology: Research Methods, Ethical Considerations, Social Psychology, and so on. These questions span basic and advanced levels of psychology knowledge, making it accessible regardless of your current level.

You can check your Progress on the respective tab, which includes the percentage of the course you've gotten through and how many questions you've gotten correct. The Resources tab has links to extra study materials. There are also sections for Mnemonics and Terminology to help you refresh your psychology vocabulary before taking on more questions.

Download: Intro to Psychology Mastery (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Learn Psychology

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Learn Psychology is a self-learning course packed with information that you can use completely free. The course spans a range of different psychology topics: memory, sensation and perception, social psychology, and more. Each topic is accompanied by videos and quizzes to help you test your knowledge and learn at your own pace.

While Learn Psychology is quite simply designed, with no stat-tracking and much less focus on testing yourself, it does succeed as a powerful tool for teaching yourself psychology.

Download: Learn Psychology (Free)

3. Research Digest

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Research Digest, by The British Psychological Society, is an app version of the British Psychological Society's website. The app is packed with the latest articles from the website, spanning a variety of psychology topics and news.

While the app isn't as crisply designed as some others featured on this list, the volume of content available means you can always find the information you're looking for. There are often external links to scientific journals that back up what the article was about, which leads you to more knowledge.

It might be an idea to combine these articles with digital journal apps if you're learning psychology to try and manage your own mental health.

Download: Research Digest (Free)

4. Psychology Book with Facts

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Psychology Book with Facts delivers a stream of facts to you based on categories such as Anger, Animals, Attraction, Biological, and so on, with some only available in the premium version. You can enable the app to give you notifications as it delivers daily facts.

While the app doesn't include in-depth psychological facts, what it does deliver can pique your interest and lead you to search for the reasons behind them.

Download: Psychology Book with Facts (Free, premium version available)

5. Learn Psychology Basics

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Learn Psychology Basics is an entry-level app that will teach you the basics of psychology in a way that's fun and easy. The psychology content available is split into different sections, including Basics of Psychology and Psychological Processes.

When reading the information, you can Bookmark posts to read later, Favorite what you want to re-read, Share the best articles, and switch to Dark Mode for late-night study sessions. Through the Settings, you can choose the Font Size and the color scheme of the app.

All the information on the app is cited, so you can rest assured that it's accurate. You're even able to research further into a particular topic if you're interested in learning more.

Download: Learn Psychology Basics (Free)

6. Psychology Dictionary Offline

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There are lots of psychology definitions to remember, and it can be hard to wrap your head around them all. Psychology Dictionary Offline is a great app to help you with this. You type in the phrase or term you're looking for, and the app will bring up a definition to helpfully to jog your memory.

The app is extremely simple, with just the one page to search for terms, but it can be useful if you're writing a paper and want a quick definition to the term or mnemonic you're describing.

Download: Psychology Dictionary Offline (Free)

7. International Journal of Psychology

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The International Journal of Psychology app, by Wiley, provides you with free samples of all the articles that have been published in the eponymous journal. If you are currently a student whose institution has access to Wiley, then you will get the complete articles.

Through the Settings, you can alter the Font Size to your preference and pay for access to the full articles if you don't already have it. You can save articles and use the Search option to look for specific articles.

Even if you only have samples of articles, the International Journal of Psychology app is well-worth it for anybody who's studying psychology, whether through an institution or self-study.

Download: International Journal of Psychology (Free, subscription available)

8. Sintelly

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Sintelly is a must-have if you're interested in learning psychology, and want to have fun while doing so. When first opening the app, you're asked to select categories of subjects you'd like to learn about, with psychology as one of your choices.

When you've picked your categories, you will be able to read relevant articles from the Home tab. These might be based on psychology, with links to further articles. Sintelly also features quizzes so that you can take to test your knowledge and see how much you've learned.

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What's quite unique about Sintelly is the social and creator element that is available to you. You can post an Article, Discussion, or Quiz to the app, and through making a profile you can connect to others. This social element makes the learning experience more fun, helping to keep you motivated and enjoying yourself, which is the best way to learn.

Download: Sintelly (Free, subscription available)

Learning Psychology

Learning psychology will always be rewarding, but it can also be fun. Adding these psychology apps to your iPhone will improve the learning process and help to make it as easy as possible.

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